Collegefish Questions

  • How do I subscribe to

    After determining which subscription level best accommodates your institution's recruitment needs, simply complete the brief online Subscription Agreement Form. A member of the Senior College Relations team will then contact you with your login credentials and recruiter's guide within one business day. Need help determining the best subscription level? Contact us!

  • How can I have a profile for my college or university added to

    Any college or university that is an accredited institution will already have a profile listed in We create your institution's profile from information compiled from the Integrated Postsecondary Education System, U.S. Department of Education aka IPEDS; Peterson's Undergraduate Licensed Data; and Annual Survey of Colleges of the College Board and Data Base. Additional resources are available to enhance your profile and keep potential transfer students informed of important event dates, web pages, deadlines, articulation agreement details and transfer relevant scholarships at your institution. Simply contact the Senior College Relations Department or 866.286.8453 to for information on how you can enhance your college's profile today.

  • What fields can I search on?

    Student Search Criteria includes:

    • Geographic Regions, States or ZIP Codes
    • Out-of-State Transfer Preferences
    • Enrollment Terms
    • Community Colleges
    • GPA
    • Academic Majors
    • Gender
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Religion
    • Full/Part-Time Enrollment
    • Financial Information
    • Extra-Curricular Activities

    More than 200,000 prospective transfer students are regularly accessible within the database. New Phi Theta Kappa members are routinely imported and students have the ability to access at any time to create and modify their personal profiles. Your unlimited search ability will allow you to fish an open sea of potential recruits as often as you prefer!

  • How often are new students added to your database?

    New students are added to the database virtually every day. A student can enter the database by one of two ways:

    • A student can be added to the database after they have confirmed membership in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and are reported to Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters by their community college chapter advisor. Typically, enrollment peaks in March through early May and again in late September through early November.
    • is open to any currently enrolled community college student, regardless of location, who desires to create a free account at any time.

  • How frequently can I contact students that I obtain from your database?

    The frequency with which you contact students obtained from the database is limitless. For best results, we encourage you to consider a strategic communications approach that is purposeful and relevant to the unique students you have chosen to recruit. Generic, "one-size-fits-all" messages are not as effective as those specifically highlighting a transfer scholarship for which they are eligible to apply or that emphasizes the academic program for which they are interested. Tailor your communications to complement the overall recruitment strategy of your institution while embracing the distinctive differences within your prospective student pool.

  • Can I get additional student names from after subscribing, if I decide that I need more?

    Yes! You may upgrade or renew your subscription early at any time. Simply contact a member of the Senior College Relations team to determine the best way to move forward based on your current recruiting needs.

  • What are my payment options?

    Payment Options Include:

    • Check
    • College Purchase Order
    • Credit Card
    • Invoice
    All payments are net 30 days.

  • What is the best subscription level for my college?

    When selecting a subscription to, consider a level that best accommodates your recruitment strategy and the type of transfer student you wish to connect with: geographically, academically and demographically. With that in mind, contact a member of the Senior College Relations team to schedule a live demonstration and trial subscription. The Senior College Relations team is here to assist you with transfer student enrollment success. The two-part mission of our team is to work with you to achieve your enrollment goals and to offer ideas, support and venues by which to examine how to best ensure transfer completion. A live demonstration and trial subscription will familiarize you with the site and also provide the opportunity for sample student searches to determine which subscription level may accommodate the "best fit" students for which you are looking.

    Annual Subscription FeeNumber of Names to Recruit
  • How can I connect with Phi Theta Kappa chapters and advisors?

    Develop relationships with more than 1,100 Phi Theta Kappa advisors by purchasing our chapter advisor list. For only $500, you can have direct access to Phi Theta Kappa advisors who can help you network with chapters and create innovative ways of recruiting Phi Theta Kappa members. This is not an annual subscription. The list will be emailed to you in comma-delimited file or an excel spreadsheet. Simply indicate your preferred format on the online Subscription Agreement form.

    You do not have to subscribe to to purchase a Phi Theta Kappa chapter advisor list; however, to maximize the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts, we highly recommend pairing a subscription with the purchase of the chapter advisor names.

  • How long does a subscription last?

    A subscription lasts for twelve months from the date of purchase.

  • Can I search for Phi Theta Kappa members AND non-members? has partnered with select community colleges within the states of Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Washington. All students currently enrolled at these partnering institutions, regardless of their membership in Phi Theta Kappa, will be uploaded in the database by late spring 2013. Any student currently enrolled in a community college, regardless of location, who desires to utilize, may request a free account at any time.

  • Can I include my college's transfer scholarships on

    Any scholarship opportunities applicable to transfer students, including awards specifically for Phi Theta Kappa members, may be included on and updated at anytime. matches students to scholarships for which they qualify to be considered. Students may also conduct scholarship searches. The more transfer scholarship opportunities you provide in, the more likely your institution will be recognized within search results and matches!

  • Can I include important dates for my college on

    The calendar is an important tool for you to utilize to keep students aware of what is happening on your college campus. Important event dates and deadlines included on your calendar can empower students & aid them in building stronger pathways toward community college completion as well as seamless, timely senior college transfer. Any special date included on your college calendar will be visible to all prospective students' calendars if they have listed your college among their top ten for transfer consideration (This is also called the students' "Fish Bowl".) Students receive email reminders of these important dates regularly as they approach.

  • How often can I run student searches in

    There is no limit to the number of student searches you can run in You may run self-directed searches within the database whenever and however you prefer. Only the students you select from the searches are deducted from your balance, and you do not have to select students from every search.

  • How many four year colleges subscribe to

    Since late 2008, more than 600 senior colleges have utilized to recruit community college transfer students.